Access systems


Whim or necessity?


It is a whim if we do not wish to have irrefutable data about who/when somebody has entered yours territory, and if we want to have a hard time managing this type of information.

It is still just a whim if we don’t believe in the system’s usefulness and if we are not convinced that the money we invested are not spent in vain.

It is certainly a necessity since all that is protected by this system is a direct result of our long and tiring work effort, and that is why we should bear in mind the following:

n      who does not keep to company hours by using inappropriately the time meant for work

n      who worked the most and most effective

n      who abides by the company work sheet

n      improvement of the personnel chart, based upon the reports fed by the system

n      flexibility in work schedule, and lack of time wasting due to the necessity for someone in the staff to personally guarantee for a visitor’s access into/out of the building

n      anti-pass back  possibility so for every entry there must be made an exit and vice-versa

n      instantaneous identity check possibility ( between the actual person and a picture I.D.)


It is still a necessity, in many cases, when trying to limit one of the following parameters:

-         access outside office hours

-         access to areas with restricted clearance (unauthorized personnel)

-         limited access to hazardous production sites

-         limited access into high-risk areas


There are plenty more pros and cons regarding this subject, but we won’t go into that here. For further information and to check if your application is worth it please contact


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