Volunteer firemen system alerts


These systems have an almost exclusively industrial destination, that is in those areas where the human factor (the employee who has the contractual  obligation to participate in extinguishing any occurring fire) is essential,  at the time when the fire is being extinguished.

What do we know about this system?

Through this system at the time a fire is signaled to the PSI (private fire brigade ) headquarters, the on-duty fireman (who is looking at a synoptic panel) will pres a button to start very loud warning sirens and optical signals (flashing lights) situated where the firefighters are located.

On the synoptic panel at the PSI headquarters corresponding flashing signal lights will be lit presenting the on-duty fireman with a primary view of the alarm on the premises.

Stage two begins when each previously appointed employee pushes a confirmation button, which determines a color change on the synoptic panel for that particular area, and this shows to the PSI headquarters how many people know about the fire and will act towards extinguishing it, which is very important for the appropriate decision making by the on-duty fireman to send help (military firefighters, army forces, etc..)

In these cases information is of crucial importance for the functioning of the local fire-extinguishing plan.

This system is already in use in certain strategic industrial centers throughout Romania.