Service, warranty and after-warranty

One of the most delicate activities is that of repairing that which is broken

During the warranty period things may be easier, but as soon as it end they turn difficult

These types of situations can be largely avoided with service contracts which can be very convenient for you

If you are not willing to transfer the risk to us, we can solve even the more delicate problems risen after the warranty or service contract expiry period

There are desperate cases when even service won’t do your object any good, and then you,, and maybe we can still save something

In any case you don’t lose anything just by asking (free of charge, and we are never bothered)

What are we trying to fix?

Everything you bought from us according to your invoice and warranty certificates

Everything in our filed of expertise even if you didn’t buy it from us:

Telecommunication equipments and installations made by Panasonic, Inoteska and other known manufacturers

Air conditioning equipment by Panasonic, Haier and others

Equipment and installations for protection against burglars, fires, access control closed circuit TV

Structured networks with their equipments, fiber optic networks with their equipments

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