Telecommunication equipment



We offer a large array of telecommunications:

Panasonic PBX

-Low capacity analogical phone exchanging systems

- Necessary phone equipment

-        Hybrid low an medium capacity PBX

-  Necessary phone equipment

-        Digital PBX with medium capacity IP communication

-         Necessary phone equipment

We can offer also Alcatel and Samsung PBX.


Voice/data transfer equipment



For all of the bellow equipments the software is included in the price and you get a free upgrade

12-month warranty

ISO 9001/2000 for the product and for installation and service

Free installation in Bucharest, for any other locations outside Bucharest only a travel charge will be made if necessary

The products are manufactured in Europe- EU(UE)


Analog equipment

Auto dialers

Communication Systems


Supervision centers



It is important to know that we can ensure special configurations for specific applications, it is enough to make a request for the technical data at; and we’ll get back to you with maximum speed.





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