Breaking and entering


Way in which unauthorized personnel violate one’s property.


The Romanian Constitution guarantees:


The sacredness of home

One’s domicile and residence are sacred. Nobody can enter and/or stay in one’s residence/domicile without their permission.


Private property right

1)      Property rights, as well as the state dues that come with them, are guaranteed. The Law sets the contents and limits of these rights.

2)      (2) Private property is guaranteed and protected equally by the law, regardless of the owner’s characteristics.


But it does not defend.

What does defend are: Bar-equipped foresight, safe doors, guard dogs, insurance and/or Alarm systems for breaking/fire/gas


Let us find out what can be done to protect your assets both mobile (autos, boats, motorcycles, etc.) and immobile (homes, offices, industrial sites)

There are already alarm systems designed especially for the above situations:

a-      car alarms

b-     fixed alarms for immobile assets

c-      normal(cable/wireless) or PC(cable/wireless) closed circuit TV surveillance systems

d-     fire alarms systems

e-      Alert systems for volunteer firefighters/civilians in industrial areas

f- Population alert systems in need of local defense ( natural disaster, war, etc.)